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Overview Brief

HLA DR Typing test is done to check compatibility in the case of organ/ tissue transplant. [2]

What is HLA DR Typing?

HLA DR Typing test is a lab test which is used to test transplant patients in order to determine whether they need a solid organ transplant or a stem cell transplant. [1]

Why is HLA DR Typing suggested?

The HLA DR Typing test is suggested in order to check transplant recipients under the following circumstances[2]:

  • Patients awaiting kidney, pancreas, and heart transplantation.
  • Patients who require HLA-compatible platelet transfusions.
  • Patients who require bone marrow transplantation.

How is HLA DR Typing performed?

HLA DR Typing test is performed as follows:

  • A blood sample is drawn from the patient.
  • The blood sample is tested and transplant compatibility is determined.

What are the parameters measured in HLA DR Typing?

HLA DR Typing test determines the needs of the transplant recipient and the results are used in the identification of the best donor for the recipient.

Preparation before performing HLA DR Typing

The following points need to be taken into consideration before the HLA DR Typing test:-

  • The patient must visit the doctor to discuss all the details of symptoms and medical history.
  • If the patient has experienced any prior problems in taking blood tests, they must inform the doctor before taking the test.

Post-care after HLA DR Typing

HLA DR Typing test is a simple procedure. No special care is required post the sample for testing has been given.

A bandage may be required in case blood is drawn.

Sample types in HLA DR Typing

HLA DR Typing test is done only by the use of blood samples of patients.

Side effects/risks of HLA DR Typing

HLA DR Typing is a simple lab test hence, there are no side effects or risks of undergoing the test.

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