Hepatitis Bs (Surface) Antigen

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Overview Brief

Hepatitis Bs (Surface) Antigen test detects Hepatitis B surface antigens in the blood.

What is Hepatitis Bs (Surface) Antigen Test?

HBV is one of the five viruses that cause Hepatitis infections. The HBV virus is spread through blood, seminal fluid and vaginal secretions. Hepatitis Bs (Surface) Antigen detects the presence of HBV surface antigen in the early stages of infection. (1)

Why is Hepatitis Bs (Surface) Antigen  Suggested?

Hepatitis Bs (Surface) Antigen test is ordered to diagnose HBV infection in people with high-risk factors to contract HBV and to diagnose symptoms

  • Loss of appetite.
  • Muscle ache.
  • Abdominal discomfort.
  • Jaundice
  • Dark-colored

How is Hepatitis Bs (Surface) Antigen Performed?

Hepatitis Bs (Surface) Antigen is a simple blood test.

  • An intravenous blood sample is drawn using a syringe.
  • The sample is examined in the lab to detect HBV surface antigen.

The results of the Hepatitis Bs (Surface) Antigen test are given as positive and negative.

What are the Parameters Measured in Hepatitis Bs (Surface) Antigen?

Hepatitis Bs (Surface) Antigen test detects the surface antigen of HBV virus.

Preparation before Performing Hepatitis Bs (Surface) Antigen

There is no much preparation needed before Hepatitis Bs (Surface) Antigen.

  • Inform the doctor about all the medications, herbs, supplements, you are using.
  • Follow the guidelines given by the doctor about eating and taking medications before Hepatitis Bs (Surface) Antigen test.

Post-care after Hepatitis Bs (Surface) Antigen

The patient is allowed to go home, immediately after giving a sample for Hepatitis Bs (Surface) Antigen.

  • Do not drive, if you feel lightheaded or dizzy.

Sample Types in Hepatitis Bs (Surface) Antigen Test

Hepatitis Bs (Surface) Antigen requires only one specimen.

  • Intravenous blood sample.

Side-effects of Hepatitis Bs (Surface) Antigen Test

Since a needle is used to draw a blood sample for Hepatitis Bs (Surface) Antigen, there may be some minor risks.

  • Bruising and infection at the site of needle insertion.
  • Slight sting, when the sample is drawn.

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