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Overview Brief

Genomepatri Gynaec is a test to assess the DNA for women’s wellness. (1)

What is Genomepatri Gynaec Test?

Genomepatri Gynaec is a revolutionary test, to predict the genetic disposition of women in key areas such as endocrine and reproductive system. Genomepatri Gynaec test helps to assess bone health, lipid levels, obesity, lifestyle traits and some types of cancers.

Why is Genomepatri Gynaec Test Suggested?

Genomepatri Gynaec test is suggested to aid in better management of women’s health issues. The test aids in identifying women’s predisposition to

  • Certain types of cancers such as ovarian cancer and breast cancer.
  • Menopause-related
  • Age at menarche.

How is Genomepatri Gynaec Test Performed?

Genomepatri Gynaec Test is a DNA assessment test.

  • Saliva sample of the women is collected, using a specialist kit.
  • DNA is extracted from the sample.
  • DNA is checked for quality and made ready for the test.
  • DNA is read and analyzed.
  • DNA report is created.

Genomepatri Gynaec test aids in the early detection of some diseases.

What are the Parameters Measured in Genomepatri Gynaec Test?

Genomepatri Gynaec Test reads the DNA to map genome and predict women’s health-related issues.

Preparation before Performing Genomepatri Gynaec Test

Genomepatri Gynaec test is done only at laboratories recognized by mapmygenome.

  • Inform medical history to your doctor.
  • You might have to stop taking some medications before Genomepatri Gynaec test.

Post-care after Genomepatri Gynaec Test

Genomepatri Gynaec test is non-invasive, so there is no specific post-procedure care required after the treatment.

  • Women can resume normal routine after giving a sample for Genomepatri Gynaec test.
  • There is no other special care required.

Sample Types in Genomepatri Gynaec Test

Genomepatri Gynaec Test is done using one sample.

  • A sample of the saliva.

Side-effects of Genomepatri Gynaec Test

The process of collecting a sample for Genomepatri Gynaec test is non-invasive.

  • There are no side-effects for Genomepatri Gynaec test.

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