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Overview Brief

Genomepatri Cardio Test maps the genomes to predict the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. (1)

What is Genomepatri Cardio Test?

Genomepatri Cardio is a DNA assessment test. The test maps the genome of a patient to assess the risk of developing heart diseases and diabetes. Genomepatri Cardio Test helps to detect a persons’ predisposition to develop diseases such as venous thrombosis, atrial fibrillation, and coronary heart diseases.

Why is Genomepatri Cardio Test Suggested?

Genomepatri Cardio Test is suggested to assess a persons’ risk of developing diseases such as

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Myocardial infarction.

How is Genomepatri Cardio Test Performed?

Genomepatri Cardio is not a diagnostic test. It is a DNA assessment test done at a specialized laboratory.

  • A sample is collected from the patient.
  • DNA is extracted from the sample.
  • DNA is subjected to quality checks and processed to make it ready for DNA reading.
  • DNA is read and analyzed.
  • A Report is generated.

What are the Parameters Measured in Genomepatri Cardio Test?

Genomepatri Cardio test reads the DNA to assess a person’s risk of developing heart diseases.

Preparation before Performing Genomepatri Cardio Test

Genomepatri Cardio Test is not done at every lab.

  • Search for a lab conducting Genomepatri Cardio Test.
  • Pre-schedule a consultation.
  • Collect the sample.
  • Deposit it with the lab.
  • Fast for the time mentioned by the counselor, during the consultation.
  • Do not drink water before 30 minutes of collecting the sample.
  • Follow instructions of the doctor about taking medications before the test.

Post-care after Genomepatri Cardio Test

Genomepatri Cardio test does not require any post care.

  • The sample for Genomepatri Cardio test is collected from the home of the person getting tested.

Sample Type in Genomepatri Cardio Test

Only one sample is required for Genomepatri Cardio test.

  • A sample of saliva.

Side-effects of Genomepatri Cardio Test

Since Genomepatri Cardio Test does not require a blood sample, the test is non-invasive.

  • There are no side-effects of the test.

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