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The ferritin test is a type of blood test used to check the level of ferritin in the body’s bloodstream. It is used to check a protein that contains iron known as ferritin. It is a necessary element for RBC production.

What is Ferritin?

Ferritin test is a test conducted to check the level of iron-containing ferritin which is the primary form of iron stored inside the cell. Our body cannot produce iron and absorbs it from the things that we take.  Ferritin is primarily in the liver and also in spleen, skeletal muscles and bone marrow.

Why is Ferritin suggested?

Ferritin test may be suggested when someone is suspected to arises symptoms like

  • Fatigue, weakness, tiredness
  • Iron deficiency anemia
  • Low hemoglobin and hematocrit
  • Excessive iron in the blood

How is Ferritin performed?

The ferritin test is performed by taking

  • A blood sample from the vein in the arm.
  • Other tests like TIBC, hereditary hemochromatosis, and transferrin can also be performed.

What parameters are suggested in Ferritin?

These parameters are included in Ferritin test

  • The level of the ferritin is measured whether it is low or high or normal.
  • Iron deficiency is concluded as low and hemochromatosis as high.
  • CBC Complete Blood Count is also measured.

Preparation before Ferritin

Preparing the patient for the test should include

  • Make the doctor know about your medications.
  • Take some juice or glucose.

Post-care after Ferritin

After taking the ferritin test the patients need to

  • Drink plenty of water and take some rest.
  • If the test is not normal, take lean meat, chicken, fish, and vitamins C rich food in case of low ferritin level and avoid these in high ferritin level.

Sample types in Ferritin

You may simply need blood to take the ferritin test

Side effects/risks of Ferritin

There are not any major side effects but the patient can feel uncomfortable and lightheaded after the test. Taking blood will be painful as the sting of an insect.

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