Fanconi Anemia (Mitomycin assay)

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Overview brief

Fanconi Anemia (Mitomycin assay) test helps to detect chromosomal instability syndrome characterized by congenital abnormalities, progressive bone marrow failure, and cancer predisposition.

What is Fanconi Anemia (Mitomycin assay) test?

Fanconi anemia is a rare disease passed down through families (inherited) that mainly affects the bone marrow. It results in decreased production of all types of blood cells. Doctors order Fanconi Anemia(Mitomycin assay) test to detect Fanconi Anaemia.

Why is Fanconi Anemia (Mitomycin assay) test suggested?

Doctors order the Fanconi Anaemia (Mitomycin assay) test to help diagnose or monitor the treatment Fanconi Anaemia. Signs or symptoms can include.

  • Poor growth/ short stature.
  • Unexplained fatigue.
  • Recurrent colds or viral infections.

How is Fanconi Anaemia (Mitomycin assay) test performed?

No special preparations are needed for the Fanconi Anaemia (Mitomycin assay) test; the process involves:

  • The blood sample is being collected from a vein.
  • Collected blood is sent to the lab for analyses.

What are the parameters measured in Fanconi Anaemia (Mitomycin assay) test?

The Fanconi Anaemia (Mitomycin assay) test measures blood cells presented in the patient’s body.

Preparation before Fanconi Anaemia (Mitomycin assay) test.

No particular preparation needed before Fanconi Anaemia (Mitomycin assay) test:

  • Discuss medication and symptoms with the doctor.

Post-care after Fanconi Anaemia (Mitomycin assay) test.

Fanconi Anaemia (Mitomycin assay) test does not require any special post care:

  • Rest for some time.
  • The patient can go home after the blood sample is collected.

Sample types of Fanconi Anaemia (Mitomycin assay) test:

Fanconi Anaemia (Mitomycin assay) requires only one sample:

  • Intravenous blood sample.

Side effects of Fanconi Anaemia (Mitomycin assay)I test?

Common side effects of Fanconi Anaemia (Mitomycin assay) test are:

  • The patient will experience pain while drawing blood.
  • The patient may feel lightheaded.

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