ER (Estrogen Receptor)

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The ER (Estrogen Receptor) Test is performed to find out whether a breast cancer tumor is positive for estrogen.

What is the ER test?

The ER test allows oncologists to determine the hormone positivity of a breast tumor and design treatment options. The ER test is performed on breast cancer tissues, which are obtained through biopsy or surgery.

Why is the ER test suggested?

The ER test is suggested when the patient is diagnosed with breast cancer. Knowing the hormone positivity of the tumor helps doctors to come up with effective treatment options.

How is the ER test performed?

The ER test results help doctors to determine whether a breast tumor has estrogen receptors.

  • The sample of the tissue to be examined is collected through biopsy or surgery.
  • The sample is tested in the lab for ER.

What are the parameters measured in the ER (Estrogen Receptor) test?

The ER test determines whether a breast tumor has estrogen receptors.

Preparation before an ER test

The following preparative measures may be required for an ER test:

  • The patient needs to get admitted to a hospital to get a biopsy for the ER (Estrogen Receptor) test.
  • The patient may be required to fast for 6 hours before the biopsy.

Post-care after an ER (Estrogen Receptor) test

Patients are kept under observation for some time after the biopsy before a sample is extracted for the ER (Estrogen Receptor) test. The instructions of the doctor should be adhered to with respect to consuming medications and maintaining diet after a biopsy or surgery for the ER (Estrogen Receptor) test. The pain and discomfort usually go away after a day and can be managed with painrelief medications.

Sample types in the ER (Estrogen Receptor) test

The ER (Estrogen Receptor) test requires a sample of tissue from the breast tumor.

Side effects of an ER test

ER (Estrogen Receptor) test is not a blood test, it is performed on the tissue from the tumor.

  • Risks associated with biopsy and surgery to remove tissue for ER (Estrogen Receptor) test.
  • Infection at the biopsy

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