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Overview Brief

EMG – Two Limbs or Electromyography of the limbs is a test that evaluates the condition of the muscles, and the nerve cells that control them

What is EMG –Two Limbs?

EMG – Two Limbs is a diagnostic procedure to study the muscles and nerve cells in the limbs. The EMG – Two Limbs test records these signals and translate them into graphs or numbers to help the doctors diagnose muscle and nerve disorders of the limbs, paralysis, muscle weakness, and muscular dystrophy. (1)

How is EMG – Two Limbs Performed?

EMG – Two Limbs has two components with the following procedure:

  • The patient lies on an examination table.
  • Nerve conduction study is the first component of EMG- Two Limbs.
  • The doctor places small electrodes on the area to be examined.
  • These electrodes record the electrical impulses sent by the nerve cells and transmit them to a monitor, which shows them on a graph.
  • The needle EMG is the second component of the test.
  • The test involves inserting electrodes into the muscle tissue using small needles.
  • These electrodes will evaluate the electrical activity in the muscles when they are contracted and while at rest.
  • The electrodes give out signals, which are translated into graphs or numbers on the monitor. (1)

EMG-Two Limbs takes about 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

Side-effects of EMG-Two Limbs

EMG-Two Limbs is a low-risk procedure.

  • Soreness in the muscles, which are tested.
  • Bruising and swelling at the site, where needle electrodes are inserted.
  • Discomfort inserting the needle electrodes during the EMG-Two Limbs test.

Preparation before Performing EMG-Two Limbs

EMG Two-Limbs is a simple procedure:

  • Follow instructions of the doctor about discontinuing certain medications before EMG-Two Limbs.
  • Avoid smoking at least three hours before the test.
  • Take a shower to remove dirt and excess oils from the skin. Do not apply any lotions or creams.

Post-care after EMG-Two Limbs

EMG-Two Limbs does not require hospitalization.

  • Rest for the remaining part of the day after the procedure.
  • Report any pain or discomfort to the doctor.

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