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EEG (Normal) is also known as an electroencephalogram. The test is performed to study the electrical activity in the brain.

What is EEG (Normal)?

EEG (Normal) analyzes the electrical impulses in the brain by tracing the brain wave patterns. EEG (Normal) is used to diagnose problems in the brain. It is used in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy, head injuries, encephalitis, brain tumour, stroke, dementia, memory problems, and sleep disorders.

How is EEG (Normal) Performed?

EEG (Normal) is a safe and non-invasive procedure:

  • The patient lies down on the examination bed.
  • The doctor will measure the scalp and make markings to identify the areas to attach the electrodes.
  • The spots are rubbed with a special gel that helps in getting highquality readings.
  • The technician will attach electrodes using special adhesives.
  • The electrodes are attached to a recording machine.
  • The doctor or technician conducting EEG (Normal) will ask the patient to do some activities such as reading a paragraph, looking at stimuli, opening and closing eyes, and breathing deeply. Some tests also require the patient to sleep during the test.

EEG (Normal) takes around an hour, and the patient can go home immediately after the test.

Side-effects of EEG (Normal)

EEG (Normal) is a painless procedure with no significant side-effects for EEG (Normal).

  • Some patients may experience discomfort due to the electrodes.
  • Epilepsy patients can experience seizures due to exposure to stimuli. The doctor will manage the seizure safely and take care of the patient.

Preparation before Performing EEG (Normal)

EEG (Normal) is a simple procedure that does not require much prior preparation.

  • Wash your hair on the night before EEG (Normal).
  • Do not use any hair styling products and conditioners before the test.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks at least eight hours before the test.
  • You may have to discontinue certain medications.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.

Post-care after EEG (Normal)

EEG (Normal) does not require any post-care routine.

  • The patient can go home and resume normal routine after the test.
  • Do not drive if a sedative is used during the EEG (Normal) test.

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