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It is reported that every person must be taken for a Diabetes Screening test once they reach 45 years of age, especially if they are overweight or obese.

What is Diabetes Screening?

Based on the symptoms and the risk factors associated with diabetes, the patient is recommended to take the Diabetes Screening test. The Diabetes Screening test is mostly suggested for patients who have a high chance of getting a cardiovascular disease. Diabetes Screening test helps the doctor to determine if the individual is suffering from diabetes.

Why is Diabetes Screening suggested?

The Diabetes Screening test is suggested when the individual experiences the following symptoms:

  • Frequent urination.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Headaches
  • Weakness

How is Diabetes Screening performed?

The process of Diabetes Screening test involves the following steps:

  • The skin on the patient’s arm will be rubbed with alcohol solution first.
  • The skin should be pierced to collect a blood sample.
  • The blood sample is sent to the laboratory to check for blood glucose levels.

Through a Diabetes Screening test, the doctor determines if the blood glucose levels are higher than the normal range in the individual’s bloodstream for detecting diabetes.

What are the parameters measured in Diabetes Screening?

The Diabetes Screening test measures the blood glucose levels in the patient’s bloodstream. If the blood glucose levels are higher than 125 mg/dL, diabetes is confirmed.

Preparation before performing Diabetes Screening

Preparation required before Diabetes Screening include

  • The doctor should be informed about the patient’s medical history and their diet.
  • The patient should fast before the plasma glucose test.

Post-care after Diabetes Screening

Proper rest and a balanced diet should be adopted after the procedure.

Sample types in Diabetes Screening

A blood sample is required for diabetes screening.

Side effects of Diabetes Screening

The side effects of Diabetes Screening include

  • Fatigue from fasting.
  • Dizziness during the blood test.
  • Nauseousness

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