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Culture Sputum is a type of test conducted to detect respiratory tract infections.

What is Culture Sputum?

Culture Sputum is a test conducted to determine the various types of respiratory tract infections by identifying the bacteria causing the disease. Culture sputum is regularly performed to determine the efficiency of treatment. The Culture Sputum test can be performed without too many medical complexities to determine the result.

Why is Culture Sputum suggested?

Culture Sputum is suggested when a patient is presented with the following symptoms: 

  • Sudden respiratory infection.
  • Severe breathing problem.
  • Fever
  • Weight loss.

How is the Culture Sputum test performed?

The  Culture Sputum Test is performed by collecting sputum samples from the patient every morning to determine the treatment progress.

What are the parameters measured in Culture Sputum?

  • Availability of common pathogens.
  • The culture test specifically detects the type of pathogen present in the sputum.

The parameters measured in Culture Sputum test include the progress of the treatment and help medical experts to decide on the further treatment directions.

Preparation before performing a Culture Sputum test

Before a Culture Sputum test, patients should adhere to the following steps:

  • Inform about the previous medical history and medications to the doctors.
  • If the sputum cannot be produced bronchoscopy is done.
  • The patient should rinse their mouth and should not consume anything for at least 15 hours.

Post-care after Culture Sputum

  • The patient can leave immediately after the test is done. It is a simple non-invasive procedure.

Sample types in Culture Sputum

  • The sample types in Culture Sputum include sputum samples.

Side effects of the Culture Sputum test

  • There are no common side effects of Culture Sputum tests. It is completely safe and may be performed regularly without any cause for concern.

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