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A CT scanogram for the lower limbs is a specialised imaging technique that’s used to determine discrepancies in the limb length.

What is CT scanogram of the lower limb?

A CT scanogram lower limb is a compilation of a series of x-rays taken perpendicular to the joints to obtain a 3D image.

  • A CT scanogram lower limb is more accurate than conventional imaging methods.
  • It helps in evaluating the need for surgery.
  • It assists in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

A CT scanogram lower limb is a rapid, non-invasive diagnostic test, which provides detailed images of bones, blood vessels, and soft tissues.

How is CT scanogram of the lower limb performed?

During a CT scanogram lower limb, three separate scans of the hip, knee, and ankle joints are taken.

  • The patient lies still on a table that slides inside the scanning machine.
  • A contrast dye might be injected.
  • The limbs are strapped to the table with radio-opaque tape.
  • A film cassette passes below the patient.

The scan is obtained on a regular film.

Risks of CT scanogram of the lower limb

There is a brief exposure to radiation during the scan. Some other side-effects are:

  • An allergic reaction to the contrast
  • It can harm the foetus in pregnant women.

A CT scanogram lower limb is not recommended for children under 5 years of age.

Preparation before performing CT scanogram of the lower limb

Some things to keep in before the procedure are:

  • The patient has to wear a hospital gown.
  • All accessories must be
  • Food and water intake should be stopped a few hours before the CT scanogram lower limb.

Post-care for CT scanogram of the lower limb

The patient is monitored for some time after the scan is advised to drink plenty of water to flush out the dye from the body.

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