CT Scan PNS Plain – Coronal

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The imaging procedure using the computing tomography for visualizing the areas of the coronal PNS is the CT scan.

What is CT Scan PNS Plain – Coronal

CT scan PNS Plain of the coronal PNS is a diagnosing method of the peripheral nervous system. It is the evaluation of the paranasal sinuses [1]. It is more informative than the axial CT scan and therefore preferred. It detects the presence of tumors or any inflammation in the tissues. X-rays determine the structures of the areas under the study. It is a non-invasive method of performing a painless analysis over the defects.

How is CT Scan PNS Plain – Coronal performed?

The procedure of the diagnosis is as follows:

  • Give the patient a contrast, if required.
  • Make the patient lie down on the bed in a still position.
  • The body of the patient is scanned by the Xrays as the bed moves along the length of the scanner.
  • The computer then produces the image of the body part concerned.
  • The computer makes a three-dimensional image by combining the different images from different angles.

The scanning time is about 30 seconds, and the whole procedure takes 10 minutes to complete.

Side effects/risks of CT Scan PNS Plain – Coronal

The contrast material and the X-rays may pose certain issues such as:

  • Xrays may cause cancer due to continuous exposure.
  • The contrast may cause dizziness, nausea, and vomiting if a person is allergic to it.
  • The contrast may also cause itching, redness, and swelling in the skin.
  • Mild discomfort may arise from holding one position for a long time.

Preparation before performing CT Scan PNS Plain – Coronal

  • Remove any jewelry and accessories.
  • Wear loose clothing.
  • Tell the concerned doctor if you have bismuth or diabetes medicine intake.
  • Avoid the test during
  • Avoid the consumption of food 4-6 hours prior to the test [2].

Post care after CT Scan PNS Plain – Coronal

The post care may include:

  • As per the results of the test, the doctor may give instructions to follow.
  • Pay attention to those instructions and follow them wisely.
  • No special attention is required.

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