CT Scan PNS Plain – Axial

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A computing tomography analyzes the paranasal sinuses by scanning the peripheral nervous system.

What is  CT scan PNS Plain-Axial

The CT scan of the PNS is useful in identifying the vascular tumors. Contrast can also be used to evaluate inflammation or chronic processes [1]. The axial scan of the PNS includes the areas from the maxillary sinus to the frontal sinus [2]. X-rays produce images of different sections. These individual images combine to form one single picture having a three-dimensional view of the part. It is a painless and accurate imaging technique to study the structure of the sinuses

How is CT scan PNS Plain-Axial performed?

  • The patient is given a contrast, if needed.
  • The patient has to lie down on a bed in a still position.
  • The bed moves along the tunnel of the scanner and scans the body parts.
  • Xrays are absorbed differently in different parts; thus we obtain the part in the film.
  • A computer can produce different images by changing the patient’s position.

The entire process requires less than 10 minutes, and the scan takes 30 seconds to complete.

Side effects/risks of CT scan PNS Plain-Axial

  • The Xrays may lead to cancer after prolonged exposure.
  • Mild discomfort due to holding one position at a time.
  • Itching and redness due to the contrast.
  • Vomiting and headache due to contrast.

Preparation before CT scan PNS Plain-Axial

  • Remove jewelry and accessories.
  • Inform the doctor of bismuth and diabetes medicine intake.
  • Do not consume food 4-6 hours before the test [1].
  • Inform the doctor of pregnancy.

Post care after CT scan PNS Plain-Axial

  • Pay attention to any instructions provided by the doctor.
  • No special control in diet and activities required.

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