CT Pulmonary Angiography

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Overview Brief

The CT Pulmonary Angiography is a scan done to check for any blood clots in the lung, i.e. pulmonary embolism.

What is a CT Pulmonary Angiography?

The CT Pulmonary Angiography, also known as arteriography, is performed to check one’s arteries.

The procedure of CT Pulmonary Angiography involves injecting the patient with a contrast dye before the CT scan. This allows the blood vessels to show up in the images as well. The main purpose of the procedure is to check the pressure in the blood vessels which are carrying the blood to your lungs.

The CT Pulmonary Angiography helps in diagnosing the presence of clots, blockages in the vessels, and more. [1]

How is a CT Pulmonary Angiography performed?

Following steps are taken during a CT Pulmonary Angiography:

  • The patient is sedated to help keep him/her relaxed during the process.
  • A catheter tube is placed in one of the veins to get the pressure measurements.
  • The patient is injected with a contrast dye, and the images of his/her chest is taken later.

Timing is crucial in this procedure, and the radiographer might also ask the patients to hold their breath. [2]

Side effects/risks of CT Pulmonary Angiography

The risks of a CT Pulmonary Angiography are rare, but can be one of the following:

  • Allergic reaction to the dye.
  • Bleeding, puncture of lung vessels, and infection.

Preparation before performing CT Pulmonary Angiography

To prepare for a CT Pulmonary Angiography, following things must be kept in mind:

  • Fast for at least six to eight hours before the scan.
  • Tell the doctor about any allergies that you may have or the medications that you’re on. [3]

Post-care after CT Pulmonary Angiography

Following are the post-care instructions for the CT Pulmonary Angiography:

  • The patient is monitored for a few hours after the procedure.
  • The patient is asked to drink a lot of fluids to flush the contrast dye out of his/her system.

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