CT Pelvis (Lower Abdomen)

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Overview Brief

The CT Pelvis scans are performed in the pelvis and lower abdomen area to determine the causes of pelvic pain and any issues with a small colon, bowel, etc.

What is CT Pelvis?

The CT Pelvis scans are performed on the lower abdomen area to diagnose various infections that can include appendicitis, kidney stones, abdominal injuries, and cancer.  [1]

The CT Pelvis scan is an advanced version of the X-ray that can scan the abnormalities in the body more accurately. It can also determine internal injuries if any. It is also faster, non-invasive, and painless when compared to ultrasound. [2]

The CT Pelvis scan is also used as a guiding tool for biopsies and helps plan out the radiation treatment for tumors.

How is CT Pelvis performed?

The CT Pelvis scan is performed in the following

  • The patient may or may not receive the contrast dye depending on the expected outcome.
  • The patient is asked to lie flat on their back with arms over their head.
  • The table would slide inside the scanner, and the patient is asked to stay still while the images are taken.

The entire procedure takes about 15-30 minutes to complete. [3]

Side effects/risks of CT Pelvis

The CT pelvis scan can result in the following side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Abdominal cramping [4]

Preparation before performing CT Pelvis

If contrast dye is involved in the CT Pelvis scan, the patient can prepare in the following way:

  • IV Injection: Do not consume anything three hours before the procedure.
  • Oral: Drink the dye an hour and a half before the test.

Post-care after CT Pelvis

It is advised to consume fluids after one’s CT Pelvis scan to flush out the contrast dye of the system.

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