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CT Guided FNAC is a fine needle aspiration cytology performed with the help of computed tomography images. It is a fast, accurate and safe diagnostic test to examine superficial lumps and masses found the neck, breasts and other areas of the body.

What is CT Guided FNAC?

CT Guided FNAC is conducted to determine whether a superficial lump is cancerous. It is also used to diagnose conditions such as thyroid and lymph node illnesses.

How is CT Guided FNAC Performed?

A pulmonologist or radiologist performs CT Guided FNAC. The process of the test involves the following steps:

  • Cleaning the site with sterile towels.
  • Injecting a numbing medication in the area.
  • The doctor inserts a thin needle attached to a syringe into the mass or lump that is to be examined.
  • The CT images will help the doctor to determine whether the needle has reached the exact site at which the tissues need to be collected.
  • The vacuum inside the syringe makes the tissues or fluid get inside the syringe.

CT Guided FNAC is a short procedure and takes less than 15 minutes.

Side-effects of CT Guided FNAC

CT Guided FNAC is a safe procedure. However, some side-effects include

  • Feeling groggy due to the sedative.
  • Swelling, soreness, and pain at the site of the biopsy.
  • Minor bleeding at the site.
  • In rare cases, an infection at the site of the biopsy.

Preparation for CT Guided FNAC

CT Guided FNAC requires prior planning and preparation. Some of the steps of preparation are as follows:

  • Discontinuing the use of blood thinning medications several days before the CT Guided FNAC test.
  • Discussing your medical history and health complications with the d
  • Fasting for several hours before the procedure as directed by the r

Post-care for CT Guided FNAC

These are a few post-care tips for CT Guided FNAC:

  • Do not drive after the procedure.
  • Take rest for the remaining part of the day.
  • Follow the instructions of the doctor about using certain medication after the CT Guided FNAC procedure.

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