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CT Enterography is an imaging test that aids in the diagnosis of disorders of the small intestine. CT Enterography is a computed tomography scan that provides detailed images of the small intestine.

What is CT Enterography?

CT Enterography uses x-rays to take a series of images of the small intestine. It helps in the identification and treatment of inflammation, tumours, abscesses, and internal bleeding in the small intestine. CT Enterography also helps diagnose the location and severity of Crohn’s disease.

How is CT Enterography Performed?

CT Enterography is a quick procedure that provides accurate results. The process of CT Enterography involves:

  • The patient has to drink a liquid given by the radiologist, an hour before the CT Enterography procedure.
  • The contrast solution can either be taken orally or administered through an enema.
  • The patient has to lie down on the CT examination table which will slide through the CT scanner.
  • The scanner takes a series of images using x-rays.
  • A contrast material may be injected intravenously during the scanning process.

Side-effects of CT Enterography

CT Enterography is a minimally invasive and painless procedure and does not have any significant side-effects. Some rare side-effects include:

  • Exposure to radiation which may cause cancer.
  • Allergic reaction to the contrast.
  • The contrast can damage the kidneys.
  • Some patients may feel a warm and tingling sensation with a metallic taste in the mouth after drinking the contrast.
  • Radiation can be harmful to pregnant women, nursing mothers, and young children.

Preparation for CT Enterography

CT Enterography does not require much preparation. However, a few tips include:

  • Discussing health issues, chronic illnesses and current medication with the doctor.
  • Following the instructions of the doctor about discontinuing certain medication before the test.
  • Fasting 4 hours before CT Enterography.
  • Removing all jewellery and other metal items before entering the CT area.

Post-care for CT Enterography

Post care for CT Enterography includes:

  • Drinking plenty of water and fluids to flush out the contrast from the body.
  • Following the advice of the doctor about what medication to take after the test.
  • Reporting any signs of allergy to the doctor.

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