CT Dorso-Lumbar Spine

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CT Dorso-Lumbar Spine is a computed tomography scan of the dorsal and lumbar regions of the spine.

What is CT Dorso-Lumbar Spine?

CT Dorso-Lumbar Spine is an imaging test to identify problems with the spine. The CT Dorso-Lumbar Spine scan is performed to diagnose osteoarthritis, birth defects of the spine, injuries to the lower spine, weakness, and numbness in legs and to detect tumours and cancer.

How is CT Dorso-Lumbar Spine Performed?

CT Dorso-Lumbar Spine is a simple scan and uses x-rays to get a clear view of the dorsal and lumbar spine. The procedure involves:

  • The patient lies down on the CT examination table.
  • Straps and pillows are used to help the patient stay in position throughout the test.
  • The examination table slides in and out of the CT scanner and takes multiple images of the site.

The patient can leave the clinic immediately after the CT Dorso-Lumbar Spine scan is completed.

Side-effects of CT Dorso-Lumbar Spine

CT Dorso-Lumbar Spine is a non-invasive and safe procedure. However, some rare side-effects include:

  • Cancer caused by exposure to radiation.
  • Harmful effects of x-rays on pregnant women and young children.
  • Discomfort due to lying still until the completion of the scan.

Preparation for CT Dorso-Lumbar Spine

CT Dorso-Lumbar Spine scan does not need much prior preparation. However, a few tips include:

  • Discussing your health issues and medical history with the doctor.
  • Following the advice of the to discontinue certain medication before the scan.
  • Taking off jewellery and other metal items before the test.

Post-care for CT Dorso-Lumbar Spine

Post-care tips for CT Dorso-Lumbar Spine include:

  • Following the doctor’s advice on medication after the test.
  • Reporting any discomfort after the scan to the doctor.

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