CT Cervico-Dorsal Spine

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CT Cervico – Dorsal Spine is a CT scan of the cervical spine and the dorsal spine. The CT Cervico- Dorsal Spine test is performed to diagnose issues related to the spinal cord, arthritis, slipped disc and herniated discs.

What is CT Cervico – Dorsal Spine?

CT Cervico-Dorsal Spine is a computed tomography scan that is performed using x-rays. The procedure can be performed with or without a dye. CT Cervico – Dorsal Spine, aids neurosurgeons and spine specialists to diagnose conditions related to the cervical and dorsal spine.

How is CT Cervico- Dorsal Spine Performed?

CT Cervico-Dorsal Spine is a safe procedure:

  • A contrast or dye is injected, in some cases.
  • The patient has to lie still on a CT examination table.
  • The table moves into the tunnel at the centre of the CT scanner.
  • As the table moves through the scanner, it takes a series of images of the cervical and dorsal spine using x-rays.

CT Cervico-Dorsal Spine is a simple procedure, which is completed within 15 to 20 minutes.

Side-effects of CT Cervico-Dorsal spine

CT Cervico-Dorsal Spine is a minimally invasive procedure. Some rare side-effects include:

  • Allergy to the dye, if
  • Exposure to radiation which may cause cancer.
  • The radiation from the scanner is harmful to young children and pregnant women.

Preparation before Performing CT Cervico-Dorsal Spine

The preparation for the test involves:

  • Informing the doctor about health issues, allergies, pregnancy, and medical history.
  • If the CT Cervico-Dorsal spine is to be performed with a contrast, abstain from taking food 6 hours before the test.

Post-care for CT Cervico-Dorsal Spine

CT Cervico-Dorsal Spine is a complication-free procedure. The post-care includes:

  • Following the advice of the doctor regarding certain medications.
  • Consume plenty of fluids to flush out the dye, if used.
  • Pay close attention to signs of allergy or discomfort after the test.

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