CT Angio Vertebral Artery

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CT Angio-Vertebral Artery is an imaging test that takes images of the heart, arteries

and the blood vessels in it.

  • CT angio-vertebral artery is performed to check for various heart conditions like coronary heart disease and the extent of plaque.
  • With the help of this test, possible problems associated with the heart, along with other vessel abnormalities are determined.
  • The test is non-invasive.
  • The images produced by the CT angio-vertebral artery are very thin, about 1mm.

CT angio vertebral artery is a multi-slice CT scanning, with 3-D images produced for better evaluation.

How is CT Angio-Vertebral Artery performed?

The CT angio-vertebral artery test is usually performed in the following way:

  • The scanning takes a few seconds, while the whole test takes around 20 minutes to an hour.
  • Patient has to lie on an examination table, with an IV line placed in his arm.
  • The patient is asked to hold his breath during the scanning.

After the scanning, the technician determines if the images are acceptable.

Side Effects/Risks of CT Angio-Vertebral Artery

The risks involved with CT angio-vertebral are

  • The contrast used during the test can worsen kidney problems in patients.
  • The test carries a risk for pregnant women.

Preparation before performing CT Angio-Vertebral Artery

Before the test, the doctor usually gives the patient a beta blocker to slow down the

heart rate for better images. Further preparation includes:

  • The patient is to be dressed in a hospital gown and remove all accessories.
  • As per the instruction is given beforehand, the patient should avoid caffeinated drinks, viagra, and other food items, before the scanning.

Any recent illness, medications, allergic reactions must be reported to the

doctor, before the test.

Post-care after CT Angio Vertebral Artery

Based on the results, the health care provider gives treatment options and

medication, including some lifestyle changes like:

  • Drinking sufficient water to flush out the contrast material from the body.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular follow-up visits to the doctor.

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