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CT Angio-Upper Limb refers to the process of examining the blood flow to the upper limbs or arms.

What is CT Angio-Upper Limb?

CT Angio-Upper Limb is commonly known as the angiogram of the arms.

  • The test determines the presence of any abnormalities or blockages in the blood vessels supplying the upper limbs.
  • Diseases such as atherosclerosis can be diagnosed with this method.

The test is helpful in determining further action-plans to treat the disease.

How is CT Angio-Upper Limb performed?

The following steps are performed during the CT Angio-Upper Limb:

  • The patient is made to lie comfortably on the table with hands by the side.
  • A catheter is used to inject the arteries with a contrast material or a dye.
  • The imaging is done by a scanner to obtain images of the blood vessels.
  • The test takes a few minutes to hours to complete.

The patient should take rest till the effect of the sedatives administered subsides.

Side effects/risks of CT Angio-Upper Limb

Very few risk factors involved in the CT Angio-Upper Limb and they may be:

  • Marginal risk of cancer.
  • Infections due to radiations.
  • Punctured or damaged artery may start bleeding.
  • Kidney damage may worsen in case the patient is already suffering from kidney disease.

Preparation before performing CT Angio-Upper Limb

Preparatory steps in CT Angio-Upper Limb involves:

  • Avoiding certain medications advised by the doctors.
  • Have someone to drop and pick the patient up from the hospital to avoid fainting due to sedatives.

Post-care after CT Angio-Upper Limb

CT Angio-Upper Limb includes the following post-care:

  • In case the bleeding due to inserted catheter does not stop, the patient should see the doctor.
  • Doctors may arrange for a follow-up after the test to monitor the side-effects if any.

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