CT Angio – Thoracic Aorta

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CT Angio is a technique to deduce the presence of any abnormalities in blood vessels such as blockages.

What is CT Angio-Thoracic Aorta?

CT Angio-Thoracic Aorta refers to the process of using an injection with contrast material to pictures of blood vessels in the body.

  • Various techniques in which the CT Angio-Thoracic Aorta can be conducted are: using computed tomography, MRI, or with X-rays with catheters.
  • The contrast material used is an iodine-rich dye which is injected in the arm of the patient.
  • The process involves the use of a scanner which produces scanned pictures in different planes.

The CT Angio-Thoracic Aorta is extremely useful in evaluating diseases related to blood vessels and the organs where they supply such as the brain, and heart.

How is CT Angio- Thoracic Aorta performed?

CT Angio-Thoracic Aorta begins by taking down the medical history by the doctor.

  • The patient should lie on his back on the table.
  • An IV catheter is used to inject the contrast material in the arm.
  • The ECG leads are essentially stuck on the chest throughout the scanning process.
  • Medications to slow down the heart rate may be administered to get clear pictures.

The CT Angio-Thoracic Aorta process takes a few minutes to complete.

Side effects/risks of CT Angio- Thoracic Aorta

The CT Angio-Thoracic Aorta involves negligible risks; yet, some can be enlisted as follows:

  • Patients allergic to X-rays should indicate the same to the doctors before the test.
  • The contrast material may leak and cause skin damage.
  • Cancer: due to exposure to the radiation.

Preparation before performing CT Angio-Thoracic Aorta

CT Angio-Thoracic Aorta needs the following preparation:

  • One should wear loose, comfortable clothes.
  • No metal jewelry or accessories.
  • 2 to 3 hours of fasting prior to the test

Post-care after CT Angio-Thoracic Aorta

Post-care following CT Angio-Thoracic Aorta is: In case of any discomfort after the CT Angio-Thoracic Aorta, the doctor should be notified immediately.

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