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Overview Brief

Indirect Coombs tests are usually performed on pregnant women during prenatal testing. These tests are also performed before blood transfusion.

What is Coombs Test-Indirect?

Antibodies are blood proteins that belong to the immune system and help in fighting germs. At times they target the body’s healthy cells instead of the germs. The Indirect Coombs Test is performed to check if there are any antibodies in the blood attacking Red Blood Cells (RBC).

Why is Coombs Test-Indirect suggested?

Not everyone has similar red blood cells. Indirect Coombs Tests are performed

  • To check if the ABO and Rh D of two blood samples are compatible or not.
  • To prevent problems before you get a blood transfusion.
  • To eliminate antibodies that might negatively react to the donated blood.

How is Coombs Test-Indirect performed?

These tests are used for antibody identification.

  • A blood sample is taken from the donor to screen if there are any infections.

A normal (negative) result means that the fetus is not in danger, while a positive result indicates that the mother has developed antibodies.

What are the parameters measured in Coombs Test-Indirect?

The parameters measured in Coombs Test-Indirect are:

  • It is used to screen antibodies in pregnant women that might have passed through the placenta.
  • It is a two-stage test.

Preparation of Coombs Test-Indirect

Before the Coombs Test-Indirect, you should

  • Have a considerable amount of water.
  • Ask your doctor because you might have to stop consuming certain medications.

Post-care after Coombs Test-Indirect

You can take care after Coombs Test-Indirect in the following way:

  • You might feel sick after the test if the donor’s blood was not a good match. So, you should keep yourself hydrated.

Sample types in Coombs Test-Indirect

The sample types in Coombs Test-Indirect are

  • The blood sample taken from the recipient which is then screened for antibodies.

Side effects of Coombs Test-Indirect

These tests do not have a lot of side-effects, but you can encounter

  • Skin infection,
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness, or
  • Excessive bleeding for a few days.

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