Color Doppler Arch of Aorta

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Color Doppler of the arch of aorta is an ultrasound method which is used to detect anomalies in blood flow like clots and aneurysms.

What is the Color Doppler of Arch of Aorta?

Color Doppler is an ultrasound technique in which the average velocity of the blood flow within a vessel, in this case the aortic arch, is estimated by the Color coding the information.

The Color Doppler method uses sound waves to help assess the flow of blood through the aortic arch. In the Color Doppler technique, the direction of the blood flow is coded in red and blue1. The Color assignment in the Color Doppler of the aortic arch depends upon whether the blood is moving towards or away from the transducer. Color Doppler evaluates the flow dynamics in the aortic arch in a comprehensive manner and helps detects clots and other anomalies.

The following section discusses the procedure of Color Doppler imaging.

How is the Color Doppler of Arch of Aorta performed2?

The major steps in a Color Doppler of arch of aorta are:

  • The patient will lay on a table.
  • A gel would be applied to the chest to help the sound waves travel better.
  • The technician would press a small wand-like device against the skin.
  • The movement of this device will send sound waves into your aortic arch which will bounce back off the blood cells to the device.

The Color Doppler arch of the aorta concludes very quickly as the computer takes all the information from the sound waves and turns them into moving images on the screen.

Side effects of Color Doppler of Arch of Aorta2

The Color Doppler test of the aortic arch is a very safe procedure since it doesn’t use radiation. There are no side effects except for maybe slight tenderness from the pressing of the wand against the chest.

Preparation before performing Color Doppler of Arch of Aorta

There isn’t much preparation that goes into a Color Doppler test of the aortic arch apart from making sure one wears comfortable loose clothes and avoids wearing jewellery to the procedure.

Post-care after Color Doppler of the Arch of Aorta

Color Doppler of the Arch of aorta is a fairly safe procedure and one doesn’t need to take specific care post the procedure

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