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A color Doppler ultrasound – abdomen lets the doctor see what is going inside your body (abdomen) without the use of any radiation or injection. Sound waves are turned into images in a color Doppler test.

This test is conducted to assess blood flow to the abdominal organs and detect any other conditions including gallstones, abdominal masses, and gallbladder diseases. Problems in the liver, kidney, spleen, or pancreas can also be identified through a color Doppler ultrasound test.

What is a Color Doppler Ultrasound- Abdomen Test?

A color Doppler ultrasound makes use of sound waves to get the image of organs inside your body. It involves the use of ultrasound gel and a small transducer. The gel is directly applied on your abdomen, and high-frequency sound waves are transmitted into your body through the gel. The transducer collects the sounds that bounce back. A computer turns these sound waves into images that help in diagnosis. These images show the movement and structure of the internal organs and blood flow through the vessels.

How is a Color Doppler Ultrasound Performed?

You will be asked to lie down on the examination table facing up. Once you are positioned correctly on the table, a technician will apply a warm gel on your abdomen. The gel helps the transducer in making secure contact with your abdomen by eliminating air pockets. The transducer will now be placed on your abdomen and moved back and forth to capture images.

Once the test is incomplete, the gel will be wiped off.

Side Effects of Color Doppler Abdomen

There is no side effect of a color Doppler ultrasound test.

Preparation for Color Doppler Ultrasound – Abdomen

You may be asked to eat a fat-free meal on the day before your test. You may be asked to avoid eating 12 hours prior to the test. If your kidneys are being scanned, then you will need to drink around one liter of water before the test to fill the bladder.

Wear loose clothes and avoid wearing jewelry for the examination.

Post-care after Color Doppler Ultrasound – Abdomen

You do not need to do anything special after the test. You can resume your normal activities immediately after the test.

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