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Overview Brief

Chromogranin A test broadly examines the presence of Chromogranin A in the blood. [1]

What is Chromogranin A test?

The Chromogranin A test is done to help detect as well as examine carcinoid tumors and other neuroendocrine tumors. Chromogranin A is a protein which is released from the neuroendocrine cells. These cells produce hormones in reaction to signals from the nervous system.  [1]

Why is Chromogranin A test suggested?

Chromogranin A test is advised in case of Carcinoid tumor symptoms which are as follows:

  • Flushing
  • Diarrhea
  • Wheezing

Chromogranin A test is also suggested when the healthcare provider or the doctor thinks that you have a neuroendocrine tumor. Both tumors are uncommon.

How is Chromogranin A test performed?

Chromogranin A test is performed by drawing blood from the vein of the patient’s arm.

What are the parameters measured in the Chromogranin A test?

The intensity of chromogranin A in the blood is usually low. An amplified CgA level in the patient with symptoms may point out the occurrence of a tumor, but it is not exact for the type of tumor or its position. Further examination is required. [1]

Preparation before performing Chromogranin A test

The patient might have to fast. In this case, it is advisable to have a talk with the doctor beforehand.

Post-care after Chromium Tests

Chromogranin A test is a simple procedure. No special care is required to post the sample for testing has been given.  A bandage may be required as blood is drawn.

 Sample types in Chromogranin A test

A blood sample is drawn.

Side effects/risks of Chromogranin A test

Chromogranin A test is a simple lab test. There are no side effects or risks of undergoing the test. However, there might be a slight pain when the needle is inserted. [2]

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