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Chikungunya IgM test is a test used to diagnose recent or past infection with chikungunya virus., which is spread by mosquitoes. Chikungunya IgM test is simply encoded by CHIKM.

What is Chikungunya IgM?

Chikungunya IgM(Immunoglobulin E) test is tested if a person recently was bitten by a mosquito, with recent travel to endemic areas and a compatible clinical syndrome. This virus sometimes tends to be severe, but if one is infected by chikungunya they must consult a doctor.

Why is Chikungunya IgM suggested?

Chikungunya IgM test is suggested if a person has recently been bitten by a mosquito. The symptoms of it are:

  • Pain in the abdomen, joints, and muscles
  • Fever, chills or fatigue
  • Headache, persistent joint pain or skin rash
  • Excessive itching at the spot of bite

How is Chikungunya IgM performed?

Chikungunya IgM test mostly includes

  • Diluted serum samples are incubated in microwells to allow anti chikungunya antibodies to react with antigen.
  • Enzyme-Like Immunosorbent Assay(ELISA) may confirm the presence of IgM.

What parameters are measured in Chikungunya IgM?

The parameters involved in Chikungunya IgM are

  • If the level of Chikungunya IgM is 1.10 Index or greater, then the person is infected.
  • Presence of viral RNA.

Preparation before performing Chikungunya IgM

There is no need for special preparations, but some patients might be advised to:

  • The doctor may recommend not to eat something before the test.
  • He may ask to take glucose or juice.
  • The patient should discuss with the doctor the medications they are on..

Post-care after Chikungunya IgM

One with positive Chikungunya IgM test must

  • Prevent your body from mosquitoes
  • Keep a body repellant always with them.
  • Get rest, and drink plenty of water to keep their body hydrated.
  • Take medication such as acetaminophen or paracetamol in the case of excess fever.

Sample types in Chikungunya IgM

Only these few samples are required

  • Serum or blood required in a tube.

Side effects/risks of Chikungunya IgM

There are no side effects of Chikungunya IgM test

  • Taking blood sample may seem painful.

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