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Cerebral MR venography is a sophisticated imaging method used to visualize intracranial veins clearly. Cerebral MR venography is advantageous over invasive cerebral angiography and conventional CT.

What is cerebral MR venography?

Cerebral MR venography is increasingly used as a non-invasive technique for assessing intracranial venous system [1].

  • Time-of-flight MR venography and contrast-enhanced MR venography are two different types of cerebral MR venography.
  • Cerebral MR venography identifies blood clots and other venous abnormalities.
  • Neurological problems in infants can be diagnosed using cerebral MR venography.
  • The patient is not exposed to any radiation.

A magnetic field is used in cerebral MR venography; it cannot be used in patients having metal implants or pacemakers.

How is cerebral MR venography performed?

Equipment used for cerebral MR venography is the same as that for magnetic resonance imaging.

  • The patient is asked to lie on a table, and a device is placed on the head.
  • Earplugs may be provided to the patient during the procedure.
  • Specialized magnets in the machine capture the images.
  • Images of the brain are sent to the computer for processing using the software.
  • In cerebral MR venography, a dye may be injected to create a clear image of the brain.
  • Cerebral MR venography procedure takes around 20-30 minutes for completion.

Risks of cerebral MR venography

There is no risk due to radiation exposure in cerebral MR venography. But the following have to be noted:

  • Risk of dislocation of metal plates or malfunctioning of a pacemaker in patients.
  • Not advised in pregnancy.
  • Allergic reactions due to the contrast used.

Preparation before performing cerebral MR venography

A complete medical history must be provided prior to the initiation of a cerebral MR venography.

  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Metal accessories are not allowed in the MR room.
  • If the patient has claustrophobia, medication may be given to calm down.

Post-care after cerebral MR venography

No specific care is advised after cerebral MR venography. If a calming medication is given before cerebral MR venography, the patient is advised not to drive back home.

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