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There are some diagnostic radiographs taken specifically for the head and neck region. Commonly used radiographs include an orthopantomogram and a cephalogram.

What is Cephalogram?

A cephalogram is commonly used by dentists and orthodontists to evaluate and diagnose orthodontic abnormalities and plan treatment. Furthermore,

  • It is also used by ENT specialists.
  • It is a side view of the head, face, and jaws and teeth. Aspects of the skull can be measured relative to each other using a cephalogram.
  • It can be used to make growth predictions in children.
  • By studying all these structures alongside each other, a doctor may be able to diagnose any problems.

The cephalogram is also commonly called lateral cephalogram as it gives a lateral view of the head and neck region.

How is a Cephalogram performed?

The cephalogram is a quick radiographic procedure.

  • The patient will be positioned in front of the machine.
  • The patient will have to keep their teeth clamped for this X-ray.
  • The patient will be asked to keep their forehead and chin on bars that orient the cephalogram.

The entire cephalogram procedure takes about 15-20 minutes to perform.

Side effects/risks of Cephalogram

Radiation exposure is the only plausible risk associated with a cephalogram.

Preparation before performing Cephalogram

Before performing a Cephalogram, the patient will be asked to remove metallic objects and jewelry from the head and neck region.

Post-care after Cephalogram

There are no contrast dyes used in the X-ray scan. So, there are no post-care measures needed after a cephalogram. The scan takes a few minutes to complete and the patient can resume their regular activities once it has concluded.

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