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Since computed tomography (CT) can demonstrate changes in the peritoneum, mesentery, lymph nodes, bowes,l and solid organs, it is being increasingly used for the primary evaluation of abdominal conditions.

What is CECT Whole Abdomen?

A CT (computed tomography) scan is a type of specialized X-ray scan. In a CT scan, the machine circles the body and sends cross-sectional images to a computer. The cross-sectional images generated during a CT scan can then be reformatted in multiple planes and can even generate three-dimensional images.

How is CECT Whole Abdomen performed?

For a CECT Whole Abdomen scan, the following steps are followed:

  • The patient is requested to lay flat on their back, side, or on their stomach during the CT scan.
  • As any motion may affect the quality of examination, the patients are asked to stay still on the table. Children may be given a sedative to keep them still.
  • If required, a contrast material is also used, which is injected through an IV, swallowed, or administered by enema.
  • The patient is then moved rapidly through the scanner.

The results obtained are interpreted by an oncologist to decide on a further line of treatment.

Side effects/risks of CECT Whole Abdomen

The side effects of CECT Whole Abdomen include
● Discomfort.
● Exposure to radiation.
● Allergic reaction to the contrast dye.

Preparation before performing CECT Whole Abdomen

A patient is asked to have nothing to eat or drink for 4 hours prior to the CECT Whole Abdomen scan.

The following preparative steps are needed before the scan:

  • At the time of booking a CT scan, a patient is given 2 sachets.
  • These sachets contain a liquid that will outline the bowel during the scan.
  • The first sachet is to be mixed with 200 mL of water and consumed one and a half hours prior to the scan.
  • The second sachet is consumed one hour prior to the appointment for the scan.
  • The final sachet is given to the patient just before the
  • A patient is requested to drink water prior to the CECT Whole Abdomen scan.

Post-care after CECT Whole Abdomen

There is no requirement of post-care after CECT Scan PNS at the healthcare facility.

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