CECT Thoracic Spine- 3 Levels

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CECT (Contrast enhanced Computerized Tomography) Thoracic Spine-3 Levels is performed to get detailed information of Thoracic Spine-3 Levels. It uses contrast agents and creates a cross-sectional image of the Thoracic Spine-3 Levels.

What is CECT Thoracic Spine-3 Levels?

CECT Thoracic Spine-3 Levels helps in the detection of sinusitis, tonsillitis, and sore throats.

Contrast helps the Thoracic Spine-3 Levels appear clearer than regular X-rays. Therefore, CECT Thoracic Spine-3 Levels provide a detailed picture and also help doctors to determine the defect in the area.

CECT Thoracic Spine-3 Levels helps in the detection of the bone fracture in the spine, arthritis of the spine, curvature of the spine, or other spinal injuries.

How is CECT Thoracic Spine-3 Levels performed?

The following procedure for the CECT Thoracic Spine-3 Levels test is carried out:

  • The patient will be asked to lie down on a flat table. This table will slide inside the CT scanner.
  • The technologist will inject contrast through a vein (IV) in the arm.
  • The patient will pass through the machine several times.

There should be no movement during the procedure. So, the patient should withhold their breath during the procedure.

Side effects/risks of CECT Thoracic Spine-3 Levels

Some of the risk factors associated with CECT Thoracic Spine-3 Levels include

  • Allergic reaction – The patient may develop skin rashes because of allergy to the contrast. It increases the risk of kidney failure.
  • Birth defects – Exposure to radiation increases the risk of birth defects in pregnant patients.

Preparation before performing CECT Thoracic Spine-3 Levels

The following measures may be taken before a CECT Thoracic Spine-3 Levels test:

  • The patient should stop eating and drinking 4 to 6 hours prior to the test.
  • The doctor should be informed if the patient is pregnant in order to reduce radiation exposure.
  • Any allergy to contrast should be discussed with the doctor.
  • Remove jewelry and other metal objects.

Post-care after CECT Thigh

Drink water to flush out the contrast dye from the body.

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