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CECT (Contrast Enhanced Computerized Tomography) thigh is an X-ray procedure in which contrast agents are used during computerized tomography. The scan shows a cross-sectional image of the thigh.

What is CECT Thigh?

CECT Thigh is performed to get a detailed picture of the thigh. The scan will also help the doctor to determine any defects in the thigh.

CECT Thigh provides more detailed information than normal X-ray images. It helps doctors to study the blood vessels and helps them in diagnosing infections.

How is CECT Thigh performed?

 The procedure for the CECT Thigh test is as follows:

  • The patient has to lie down on a flat table. This table slides inside the CT scanner.
  • The patient is made to go through the machine several times and the machine’s X-ray beams rotate around them.
  • The computer or the scanner creates a separate picture of the different body parts. This process is called a slice.
  • 3D models of the thigh can be created by adding the slices together.

There should be no movement as it can lead to blurred images. The whole process takes around 10-15 minutes.

Side effects/risks of CECT Thigh

Some of the risk factors associated with CECT Thigh include

  • Exposure to radiation.
  • Allergic reaction, which increases the risk of kidney failure.
  • Birth defects can occur if CECT Thigh is performed during pregnancy. Exposure to radiation increases the risk of congenital abnormalities.


Preparation before performing CECT Thigh

Before performing CECT Thigh, the patient should

  • Stop eating and drinking 6 hours before the test.
  • Discuss any allergy or reaction to the contrast dye with the doctor.
  • Check whether the machine has a weight limit.
  • Discuss with the doctor if diabetic medication is being consumed. The doctor may advise the patient to take precautions if they are.
  • Remove all metal and jewelry from the body.

Post-care after CECT Thigh

The doctor will discuss treatment options in case the patient experiences abnormal results.

If the patient has any queries regarding the procedure or the results, they may book an online consultation with the top specialists on mfine. Download the mfine app and consult the top radiologists online.

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