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CECT SI Joints is superior to traditional radiography techniques to visualize the diseases of Sacro-iliac joints.

What is CECT SI Joints?

SI joints or Sacro-iliac joints have a complex anatomy that needs a special technique such as CECT SI Joints.

  • The CECT SI joints is a contrast-enhanced CT to visualize SI joints.
  • It can help diagnose abnormalities with the bones, cartilages, ligaments, tendons, or joint cavity.
  • It is very useful in detecting many arthritic conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis.

CECT SI joints provide more information than a regular CT scan.

How is CECT SI Joints performed?

CECT SI Joints is performed in the following steps:

  • The dye is injected Intravenously.
  • The contrast dye is injected slowly.
  • Once the dye has been injected, the SI joints must be scanned under the scanner.

The entire procedure of CECT SI Joints might take about 35-40 minutes to complete.

Side effects/risks of CECT SI Joints

CECT SI joints carry the same risks and side effects as seen in a scan of the other areas of the body. These include:

  • Exposure to radiation.
  • Allergies due to the introduction of the dye.

Preparation before performing CECT SI Joints

Before performing CECT SI Joints, a thorough history is considered. The patient may be asked to

  • Fast prior to the test.
  • Change into a loose hospital gown.
  • Lie on a table and get injected with a dye.

Post-care after CECT SI Joints

Like all other CECT procedures, after CECT SI Joints, the patient is advised to drink lots of water to allow the injected dye to be flushed out.

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