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Overview Brief

A CECT Scan PNS-coronal is a type of Contrast-Enhanced CT used to study the peripheral nervous system in the coronal plane.

What is CECT Scan PNS-Coronal?

A CECT Scan PNS-coronal is used to visualize and detect any abnormalities or diseases in the peripheral nervous system, especially the sinuses.

  • The PNS connects the central nervous system to the limbs and other tissues and organs.
  • It is prone to toxification, injuries, and inflammations.
  • A CECT Scan of PNS helps to detect any vascular tumors, inflammatory conditions, blood vessel, and nerve abnormalities.
  • A CECT Scan PNS-Coronal is mainly useful to study the sinuses in the head.

To detect chronic sinusitis, CECT Scan PNS- Coronal is very helpful.

How is CECT Scan PNS-Coronal performed?

It takes 30-45 minutes to perform a CECT Scan PNS-Coronal.

  • Remove all metallic objects such as jewelry.
  • An IV injection of contrast dye might give you a metallic taste.
  • You will be asked to lie on a table that will be moved into a doughnut-shaped scanner.

The head needs to be scanned in this case; the CECT Scan PNS-Coronal process might be a bit uncomfortable for a few people.

Side effects/risks of CECT Scan PNS-Coronal

The CECT Scan PNS-Coronal involves injecting a dye into the veins for contrast scanned images.

  • Allergic reaction to the dye.
  • Exposure to radiations.
  • Some people might find it claustrophobic inside the scan machine.
  • Impaired renal function.

Preparation before performing CECT Scan PNS-Coronal

A CECT Scan PNS-Coronal begins with proper history taking.

  • You will be asked to change into a hospital gown and lie on a table.
  • Since the test involves injecting a contrast dye, you will be advised not to eat anything for 6 hours prior to the test.
  • In case you are diabetic and take insulin, inform your doctor and technician.
  • All metallic objects must be removed prior to the test.

Post-care after CECT Scan PNS-Coronal

The CECT Scan PNS-Coronal takes a relatively long time to perform and can be strenuous for some.

  • Drink lots of water to flush out the dye.
  • You can eat food to restore your energy levels.

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