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The use of computed tomography (CT) with regard to the clinical staging of patients with asymptomatic cancer has been increasing in clinical practice.

What is CECT Scan PNS – Axial?

The accurate clinical staging of patients with cancer is important in determining the most appropriate course of treatment. As the management of patients is significantly affected by the presence and extent of metastatic disease, the identification of unexpected distant metastases can have a great impact on the treatment strategy.

Currently, most of the newly diagnosed patients with metastasis do not exhibit symptoms or signs of metastatic disease. In addition, there is limited evidence to guide decisions on how patients should be staged. PNS Axial with contrast scanning can effectively identify vascular tumors.

Contrastenhanced CT (CECT) is useful in evaluating neoplastic, chronic, and inflammatory processes in patients with asymptomatic cancer.

How is CECT Scan PNS performed?

For Computed Tomography – Sinuses, the following steps are followed:

  • The patient is asked to lay in a convenient position during the examination.
  • As any motion may affect the quality of examination, the patients are asked to stay still on the table. Children may be given a sedative to keep them still.
  • If required, a contrast material is also used, which is injected through an IV, swallowed, or administered by enema.
  • The patient is then moved rapidly through the scanner.

The results obtained are interpreted by an oncologist to decide on the further line of treatment.

Side Effects/Risks of CECT Scan PNS

The side effects of CECT Scan PNS include

  • Discomfort
  • Exposure to radiation
  • Allergic reaction to the contrast dye.

Preparation Before Performing CECT Scan PNS

CT scan should only be performed after a patient gives consent for undergoing the CT scan.

Post-Care After CECT Scan PNS

There is no requirement of post-care after CECT Scan PNS at the healthcare facility.

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