CECT Right Hip Joint

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Overview Brief

Has your physician ordered a CECT Right Hip Joint for you? Read on to know all about it.

What is the CECT Right Hip Joint?

CECT Right Hip Joint is a diagnostic test that is performed to visually assess and identify any problems in the right hip area and the adjoining tissues.

CECT stands for Contrast Enhanced Computerised Tomography [1]. In this procedure, cross-sectional images of the hip are obtained through X-rays and by inserting a contrast chemical. The images thus obtained are used to detect fractures, dislocations, inflammation, ligament injuries or tumors and abnormal growths.

How is CECT Right Hip Joint performed?

The CECT Right Hip Joint is conducted by a radiologist in a designated lab area.

  • The patient is required to wear a hospital gown and lie supine.
  • A local anesthetic may be applied before the actual contrast material is injected [2].
  • Once the contrast material goes in, rotating X-rays generate cross-sectional images of the joint that links the pelvic bone to the hip bone.
  • These images are then put together to make a detailed three-dimensional image of the hip joint.

Side effects/risks of CECT Right Hip Joint

The risks of CECT Right HIP Joint can be enumerated as follows

  • A risk to pregnancy due to the radiation emitted during X-rays
  • Allergic reactions to the contrast material that is injected

Preparations before performing CECT Right Hip Joint

Certain preparations are essential to make sure that CECT Right Hip Joint is performed smoothly.

  • Pregnant women should keep their radiologist informed so that the amount of radiation the fetus is exposed to is minimized.
  • Any jewelry or metallic objects that could interfere with the imaging need to be removed.
  • Blood, urea, and creatinine tests need to be performed before the scan to ensure that the contrast material can be safely injected.

Post-care after CECT Right Hip Joint

No specific post-care is required for CECT Right Hip Joint. The tests will be shared with the patient by the physician within a few days.

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