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The Pituitary Empty Sella syndrome can only be diagnosed by using Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography. This imaging is done using X-rays and contrast material. (1)

What is Pituitary Sella CECT?

Pituitary Sella CECT helps in detecting Empty Sella Syndrome. This condition occurs when the pituitary gland loses its integrity by shrinking or becoming flat. The sella is not empty and is usually filled with cerebrospinal fluid. It can also occur when the brain’s arachnoid layer bulges downward and presses into the pituitary. Since this gland plays a critical role in growth and metabolism, any disease or trauma can have serious health consequences. Symptoms could include:

  • Headaches
  • Irregular periods
  • Low sex drive
  • Fatigue

A Pituitary Sella CECT scan aids radiologists in diagnosing the problem.

How is Pituitary Sella CECT Performed?

Pituitary Sella CECT imaging is essential in finding and confirming the presence of lesions. Cross-sectional imaging techniques are being used increasingly to evaluate the presence and size of the lesions. Scans are done at a radiologist’s office, and patients may be instructed to not eat or drink before the procedure. Metal objects have to be removed from the body. Once the Pituitary Sella CECT scan has been done, a radiologist interprets the images and issues a report to your physician.

Side-effects of Undergoing a Pituitary Sella CECT

There are no risks associated with undergoing a Pituitary Sella CECT scan. Scans catch problems early and are safer than undergoing exploratory surgery.

Preparation Before Performing a Pituitary Sella CECT

 After the problem is identified, patients have to do the following:

  • Print and fill out a questionnaire
  • Let a nurse inject a contrast agent into the vein in an arm
  • Lie down on a flat surface so that the CT scan can be done
  • Remain very still if prompted to do so by the technologist

Post-care After the Pituitary Sella CECT

After a pituitary Sella CECT scan, patients must drink water so that the kidneys flush out contrast material from the body.

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