CECT Orbit Axial

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Overview Brief

The CECT of Orbit Axial is an imaging test which produces scan pictures of the eye sockets and the bones around it.

What is CECT Orbit Axial?

 CECT of Orbit Axial uses X-rays to diagnose to diagnose disorders around the eyes.

  • The test is also helpful in diagnosing the diseases which affect the eye muscles, optic nerves, sinuses and the blood vessels.
  • It is also used to diagnose any kind of infection of the eye, a broken eye socket or to know if there is a foreign object in the eye.

A CECT Orbit Axial test can give early indications of Grave’s disease or a tumour.

How is CECT Orbit Axial performed?

CECT Orbit Axial test is performed in the following step-by-step format:

  • The patient is laid on the table which is slid in the scanner.
  • The scanning beams start rotating around the patient.
  • The machine produces sliced scanning images which can be saved for future monitoring.
  • The process lasts for about 20 minutes.

The patient is asked to lie still to avoid blurring of images.

Side effects/risks of CECT Orbit Axial

Although the technologists try to ensure that the least amount of radiation is involved in the test, following may be seen in rare cases:

  • A person with iodine allergy may experience nausea and vomiting as the contrast contains iodine.
  • Diabetics or people with kidney problems should keep their doctors in the loop about their condition.
  • Anaphylaxis is a fatal side effect which may be seen in some rare cases.

Preparation before performing CECT Orbit Axial

The following measures need to be taken before the test is performed:

  • Wearing comfortable clothes.
  • No jewellery.

Post-care after CECT Orbit Axial

  • Diabetics and people with kidney disorders should keep a check on their kidneys by following up with their doctor.
  • Any allergic reactions can be treated by consulting the doctor.

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