CECT Nasopharynx – Coronal

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Overview Brief

The CECT Nasopharynx Coronal scan is a computerized tomographic scan of the nose, air-filled hollow sinuses and the pharynx.

What is CECT Nasopharynx Coronal?

CECT Nasopharynx Coronal is done to diagnose diseases such as Pharyngitis and laryngitis, to detect sinusitis, tonsillitis and epiglottis and to diagnose nasopharyngeal infection, which causes ear ache. The CECT Nasopharynx Coronal scan is performed by injecting a contrast intravenously and using x-rays to get images of the nose, sinuses and the pharynx region. (1)

How is CECT Nasopharynx Coronal performed?

The process of CECT Nasopharynx Coronal is simple. It involves

  • Patient is injected with a contrast or dye through an intravenous cannula.
  • He/she has to lie down on the CT examination table.
  • The patient has to lie still during the entire process as movement distorts CT images.
  • The examination table moves in and out of the CT scanner, which takes multiple images.

CECT Nasopharynx Coronal is an out-patient procedure. Patient can immediately go home after the scan.

Side-effects of CECT Nasopharynx Coronal

CECT Nasopharynx Coronal is a safe procedure. However, some risks of the procedure are

  • Some patients experience a tingling or metallic taste in the mouth after the contrast is administered.
  • Some patients suffer from allergic reaction to the contrast.
  • Harmful effects of x-rays can cause cancer.
  • X-rays can cause harmful effects in pregnant women and young children.

Preparation before CECT Nasopharynx Coronal

CECT Nasopharynx Coronal scan is a pre-scheduled procedure. The preparation prior to the scan involves

  • Discussing medical records and records of medication with the radiologist.
  • Abstaining from eating four hours prior to the procedure.
  • Abstaining from consuming liquids one hour before the CECT Nasopharynx coronal procedure.
  • Following the instructions of the radiologists.
  • Removing jewellery and other metallic items before entering the CT room.

Post-care after CECT Nasopharynx Coronal

Patients can resume their regular activities after CECT Nasopharynx Coronal. The post-care involves

  • Following the advice of the radiologist regarding the use of medications after the CECT Nasopharynx Coronal scan.
  • Consuming lots of fluids to flush out the contrast.
  • Paying close attention to signs of allergy and reporting them to the doctor.

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