CECT Nasopharynx – Axial

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Overview Brief

The CECT Nasopharynx Axial is a computerised tomography scan to detect problems in the neck region.

What is CECT Nasopharynx Axial?

CECT Nasopharynx Axial scan aids radiologists to have a clear view of the interiors of the neck region. Radiologists inject a contrast before performing the scan, which blocks the x-rays and makes it easier to view the soft-tissues. The CECT Nasopharynx Axial, helps to diagnose oral tumours, fractures, abscesses and other problems of the neck. (1)

How is CECT Nasopharynx Axial Performed?

The CECT Nasopharynx Axial is a pain-free procedure, which does not require hospitalization. The process of CECT Nasopharynx Axial involves

  • The patient is injected with the Iodine based contrast through an intravenous cannula.
  • He is made to lie down on the CT examination table, which slides in and out of the CT scan.
  • The patient has to lie still as any sort of movement impairs the imaging process.
  • The CT scanner uses x-rays and advanced computer technology to take pictures of the neck region.

Patients can leave the hospital as soon as the CECT Nasopharynx Axial scan is completed.

Side-effects of CECT Nasopharynx Axial

CECT Nasopharynx Axial is a relatively safe procedures. Some common risks of the procedure are

  • Dangers of exposure to radiation.
  • Allergic reaction to the contrast.
  • Harmful effects of radiation on children and pregnant women.
  • Patients can also experience tingling sensation and metallic taste in the mouth, after the contrast is injected.

Preparation before CECT Nasopharynx Axial

Patients have to schedule CECT Nasopharynx Axial scan beforehand. The preparation for the scan includes

  • Not taking solid food and heavy drinks four hours before the procedure.
  • Not taking liquids from at least an hour before the scan.
  • Discussing medical history and medications with the radiologists.
  • Abstaining using medications as advised by the doctor.

Post-care after CECT Nasopharynx Axial

The radiologist will advise about the post-care after CECT Nasopharynx Axial.  Some post-care precautions include

  • Consuming lots of liquids to flush out the contrast.
  • Paying attention to symptoms of allergy such as rash and fever, and reporting them to the doctor.


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