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The Contrast enabled CT scan or CECT Mastoid enables the radiologist or neurologist to have a clear view of the skull bones, specifically those that are at the bone ridge behind the ears. (1)

What is CECT Mastoid?

The CECT Mastoid scan is a computed tomography scan of the mastoid bones. The CECT mastoid aids in the identification of injuries, fractures, infections and abnormalities in the skull bones. The CECT Mastoid scan also helps to inspect the fluid levels in the mastoid bones.

How is CECT Mastoid Performed?

CECT Mastoid is a simple procedure. The test involves

  • Injecting an Iodine based contrast through intravenous cannula.
  • The scan is performed in two positions.
  • Patient has to lie flat on their fact with their head held by a holder for the first position.
  • The second position involves lying on the stomach, with the head based on the chin.
  • The head portion goes into the CT scanner, which takes a series of images.

The CECT mastoid takes around 30 minutes. Patient can leave the hospital after the procedure. (1)

Side-effects of CECT Mastoid

CECT Mastoid scan does not have any major side-effects. However, some patients may experience

  • Allergy to the contrast.
  • Risks of exposure to radiation.
  • Harmful effects of radiation on young children and pregnant women.

Preparation before CECT Mastoid

CECT Mastoid scan should be pre-scheduled with the radiologist. The preparation for the test includes

  • Discussing medical history and details of medications with the radiologist.
  • Not taking solid food at least 4 hours before the test.
  • Not consuming liquids an hour before the test.
  • Removing jewellery and other metallic objects before going into the CT room.

Post-care after CECT Mastoid

The post-care after CECT Mastoid is a simple process.

  • You can eat and drink as usual after the procedure.
  • Consume huge amounts of water to flush out the dye from the system.
  • Pay close attention to any signs of allergy to the contrast and report them to the doctor.

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