CECT Left Hip Joint

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Overview Brief

Do you need to undergo a CECT Left Hip Joint? This article will tell you everything you need to know.

What is CECT Left Hip Joint?

CECT Left Hip Joint is a diagnostic procedure in which rotating X-Ray beams take cross-sectional images of the left hip region to identify any disorders.

CECT stands for Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography. In CECT Left Hip Joint, a contrast material is injected into the left hip joint and X-Rays move about a fixed axis of rotation to capture cross-sectional images. Subsequently, digital geometry processing is used to create a 3D image of the joint area, which can be used to identify any fractures, infections, inflammations, dislocations, tumors or other disorders [1]. It is a highly accurate and minimally invasive test and hence a preferred method of diagnosis.

How is CECT Left Hip Joint Performed?

CECT Left Hip Joint is performed in a designating CT scanning room.

  • The patient wears a hospital gown and lies on the examination table.
  • The contrast material is injected and the table enters the CT scanner.
  • Rotating X-Rays capture images of the flow of the material through the left hip joint area.
  • The images are converted into a 3D visualization that can be viewed on a computer.

Side effects/risks of CECT Left Hip Joint

While CECT Left Hip Joint is a highly safe procedure, possible side effects include

  • Adverse reaction to the contrast chemical including nausea, vomiting or hives.
  • Slight risk of cancer from radiation exposure.

Preparations before performing CECT Left Hip Joint

The following preparations will help ensure that CECT Left Hip Joint goes smoothly.

  • Pregnant women should inform their physicians so that radiation levels can be reduced.
  • Blood and creatinine tests can help identify any allergies to the contrast material [2].
  • Jewelry and other metallic items must be removed.

Post-care after CECT Left Hip Joint

No special post-care is needed after CECT Left Hip Joint. The radiologist will share the test results within a few days.

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