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CECT KUB is a method of scanning the urinary system in case a patient complains of any abdominal pains.

The CECT KUB diagnosis occurs in a radiology department by a technician. Following are the steps in the procedure:

  • Place the patient in the desired position.
  • Apply lead covering to parts not undergoing the test.
  • Direct the X-ray towards the patient.
  • Change the position of the patient for images from different angles.
  • The patient needs to be still.

CECT KUB involves exposure to high ionizing radiations with the body, which in itself is a big risk.

  • The exposure to X-ray radiations is detrimental for the tissues and may lead to cancer.
  • Pregnant women need to avoid this study due to high risks.
  • Minor discomfort is associated due to holding one position for a long time.

A person needs to have prior preparation for the test.

  • Remove all the jewellery from the body.
  • Inform the doctor of bismuth-containing medicine intake.
  • Tell the doctor during pregnancy.
  • A patient should avoid the consumption of food before 4 hours of the test.

After the procedure, the patient can go home without worrying about anything.

  • The doctor may give instructions as per the patient condition.
  • In general, there is no special care required after the treatment.
  • A person can continue his usual diet and activities.

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