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Overview Brief

The CECT Joint scan is performed to detect any anomalies in the bones of one’s body.

What is a CECT Joint?

The CECT Joint scanning is a scan of the joints and bones in the body to study fractures, cancer, etc. The scan can be done of the entire body or just a specific joint.

The CECT joint scanning techniques are more useful as compared to the X-ray. X-ray is only able to project the abnormalities in the bones, whereas, the CECT scan is able to capture the soft tissue damage as well. [1]

The CECT joint scans are performed when the patient has some infection, congenital abnormality, or any disease that could affect the bone structure.

How is the CECT Joint performed?

The CECT Joint scan is performed in the following manner:

The patient is asked to lie still on the table.

The patient may be injected with a contrast dye to study the soft tissues and blood vessels as well.

Depending on the part getting scanned, the procedure can take from a few minutes to half an hour.

The scans can be used to figure out complex fractures as well as possible tumors in the body. [2]

Side effects/risks of CECT Joint

Following are the risks involved with CECT Joint procedure:

The radiation can get harmful over the years and damage one’s DNA enough to give them cancer.

The radiation must be adjusted for a child because the rays are harmful to them.

Preparation before performing CECT Joint

Here are the things to keep in mind before coming in for a CECT Joint scan:

Tell the technologist about any allergies that you might have.

Wear comfortable clothes and leave any jewelry behind.

Post-care after CECT Joint

One must drink a lot of water after the CECT Joint scan to flush the dye out of their system. Apart from that, there aren’t any special post-care instructions for the procedure.

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