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Overview Brief

The CECT Hip Joint scan aids the orthopaedists to have a detailed view of the pelvis and hip bones.

What is CECT Hip Joint?

The CECT Hip Joint scan is performed to diagnose issues of the pelvic and hip region. A contrast is injected intravenously before performing the CT scan of the hip Joint region. This contrast blocks the X-rays and makes it easy to see the soft tissues like blood vessels. The CECT Hip Joint is performed to diagnose and treat hip fracture, hip pain and other hip and other conditions.

How is CECT Hip Joint Performed?

The CECT Hip Joint is a risk –free and simple procedure.

  • The patient is administered a contrast using the intravenous cannula.
  • Patient has to lie flat on the CT examination table, with arms placed over the head.
  • The CT examination table will move in and out of the CT scanner.
  • Patient has to lie still and sometimes hold his breath during the scanning procedure.

CECT Hip Joint scan does not cause any discomfort or pain.

Side-effects of CECT Hip Joint

The side-effects and risks of CECT Hip Joint are very less, when compared with the benefits of the procedure.

  • Exposure to radiation, which can alter the DNA and cause cancer.
  • Allergy to the contrast.
  • Harmful effects on children and pregnant women.

Preparation before CECT Hip Joint

CECT Hip Joint is a pre-scheduled procedure. Preparation includes

  • Discussing medications and medical history with the doctor and radiologist.
  • Arriving to the clinic on time.
  • Removing all jewellery and metallic objects before entering the CT room.
  • Abstaining from eating food at least 4 hours before the scan.
  • No liquids at least an hour prior to the scan. (1)

Post-care after CECT Hip Joint.

Patients can leave the hospital immediately after the CECT Hip Joint. Some post-care tips are

  • Drink plenty of water to flush out the contrast.
  • Pay close attention to symptoms of allergy or reaction to the contrast and report them to the doctor.
  • Abstain from taking medications as advised by the doctor.

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