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CECT Head scan is known as contrast-enhanced CT scan. The procedure involves performing a CT scan of the head after using a special dye or contrast to enhance the clarity of the images.

What is CECT Head?

The CECT Head scan is performed to detect internal bleeding in the head, skull fractures, and blood clots. The process also helps to identify tumors, bone abnormalities, and the ischemic process in the brain. The CECT Head scan involves injecting an iodine-based contrast material intravenously. The contrast material blocks X-rays and makes it easy to see soft tissues, such as blood vessels.

How is CECT Head performed?

The CECT Head scan is performed at a hospital or a radiology clinic. The test must be pre-scheduled. The process of the test involves the following steps:

The patient should lie down on an examination table.

The contrast should be injected through an intravenous cannula.

The patient should lie still as the table passes through the CT imaging machine.

The CT machine should take several images of the head during the procedure.

CECT Head examination is a painless and risk-free procedure.

Side-effects of CECT Head

Though there are some risks, the benefits of the CECT Head scan far outweigh its side-effects. Some side-effects include

The harmful effects of radiation can cause cancer.

Some patients may suffer from allergies to the contrast dye.

X-ray radiation can have harmful effects on unborn babies.

Preparations before Performing CECT Head

Patients undergoing CECT Head Scan must follow the following steps:

Abstain from consuming solid foods and heavy drinks from the night before the test.

Abstain from consuming liquids 4 hours prior to the CECT Head examination.

Discuss medications and other health complications with the doctor before scheduling the CECT Head scan

Post-care of CECT Head

CECT Head scan is a safe procedure. However, some post-care precautions include

Refraining from using certain medicines for a couple of days after the procedure, as advised by the doctor.

Paying close attention to any symptoms such as a rash or allergies after the procedure.

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