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CECT Hand is a diagnostic procedure that is performed on hand to detect any health issues in the hands.

What is the CECT Hand?

Contrast-enhanced computed Tomography is the most preferred imaging method for diagnostic of abnormal health issues in the body.

In the CECT Hand test, contrast agents are used to highlighting body tissues and parts of the hand to examine it closely. Here, nuclear medicine is transferred in the patient’s body orally, through a vein or through the rectum. The nuclear medicines that are used in the test are usually Gastrografin, Barium or Iodine. When nuclear medicine flows in the blood, it reflects radiation.

How is CECT Hand performed?

CECT Hand is performed by a trained radiologist inside the lab.

Once the patient lies down on the examination table, the table will slide inside and out of the machine.

A contrast material will be injected through a sterilized needle in the hand.

As the contrast material travels in the body including the heart and reaches to the hand, an operator will take images by enhancing the visibility of the blood under the X-ray beams.

Side effects/ Risks of CECT Hand

Below is the list of side effects or risk factors for the CECT Hand.

Allergic reaction to the patients with diseases such as heart issues, diabetes, kidney problems, and thyroid.

Itching, rashes or bumps on the skin.

Swelling of throat and other parts.

Diarrhea, nausea, body cramps and constipation.

Preparation before performing CECT Hand

There are some basic requirements for CECT Hand scan as shown below.

A patient should not eat or drink before 4 to 6 hours of the test

Kidney function test should be done before the test.

Don’t wear any metallic ornaments during the CECT Hand.

Post-care after CECT Hand

When the CECT Hand test is performed, there is no special post-care required. Patients can resume their daily activities after 4 to 5 hours after the test.

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