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CECT Foot is a diagnostic procedure to assess the foot anatomy and to find out any health issues or problems.

What is the CECT Foot?

The full form of the CECT Foot is Contrast Enhanced Computerized Tomography scan of the foot.

CECT Foot is a procedure in which contrast material is injected and with the help of the X-Ray beams, cross-sectional foot images are taken. This procedure is performed to get a complete overview of the foot anatomy and to detect any health problems in the foot with the help of three-dimensional foot image.

The diagnosis of the CECT Foot is accurate and helps doctors to identify issues with the foot and to determine further medical treatment.

How is CECT Foot performed?

 CECT Foot is a non-invasive diagnostic procedure that requires 4 to 6 hours of fasting.

Wear a loose gown and avoid metal accessories while undergoing this test.

A contrast will be given to you either orally or via IV. You might feel a warm sensation.

Lie down on the CT scan table.

An operator will take images.

You will lie down in the same position until they ask you to stand up to catch good quality images.

Side effects/Risks of CECT Foot

Possible side effects of a CECT Foot are:


Nausea or vomiting


Birth defects if a patient is pregnant

Allergic reaction

Pain or cramp-like feeling in the foot

Preparation before performing CECT Foot

There are very little preparations to make before the CECT Foot test.

4 to 6 hours of fasting is required.

Doctors also ask you to bring the Serum Creatinine report not older than 30 days.

Other common diagnostic preparations

Post care after CECT Foot

There is no major post care needed after the CECT Foot procedure.

Doctors will suggest you drink plenty of water to flush out contrast material.

You can start performing your day to day activities on the same day.

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