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Are you suffering from unexplained pain in your collar bone? Here is everything you need to know about the diagnostic technique CECT clavicle.

What is CECT clavicle?

CECT clavicle is used to detect abnormalities in the clavicle by creating detailed 3 dimensional images. CECT clavicle is a more advanced test in which contrast dye is injected into the body which helps to give a detailed image of the clavicle. CECT clavicle is used to detect fractures that are not visible in normal X rays, causes of pain in the clavicle, etc.. [2]

How is CECT clavicle performed?

CECT clavicle is carried out in a hospital or in a laboratory facility using a CT scanner.

Patients are made to lie down on a table that slides into the scanner.

Contrast material is injected into the body to produce detailed images.

Scanning is done by passing x rays through the clavicle.

3D images are produced with the help of a computer.

CECT clavicle makes use of the contrast material to highlight portions of the clavicle to produce detailed images.

Risks of CECT clavicle

CECT clavicle uses radiation to produce clearer images. So, high dosages and frequent exposure to radiation increase the risk of cancer development. [1]

Contrast material may cause allergies and leave a metallic taste in the mouth.

Causes excessive damage to the kidneys in people who have a medical history of kidney problems.

Radiations can affect the foetus of pregnant women. [1]

Preparations before performing CECT clavicle

It is important that you get yourself prepared before undergoing CECT clavicle to avoid any potential side-effects. [2]

Perform urea and creatinine test to evaluate kidney function before undergoing CECT clavicle.

Stay hydrated.

Wear a hospital gown depending on the area to be scanned. [2]

Post care of CECT clavicle

You will be asked to wait for a brief period of time after CECT clavicle to check for any rashes, itching caused due to the use of contrast material. [3]

Report to your doctor immediately if there is any swelling or pain at the IV site after reaching home.

Drink lots of fluids as the use of contrast material during CECT clavicle may cause diarrhoea. [3]

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